1. i4 standard cable
2. Colors: White/Black
3. Package Size: C-001 3.0mm*1.2m&C-002 3.0mm*0.5m
4. Interface: USB2.0 A type to Dock

C-001 White EAN:6956728700002,Black EAN:6956728700019
C-002 White EAN:6956728700026,Black EAN:6956728700033

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1. Apple authorized MFi certificate to ensure product quality
2. Apple 30-pin plug
3. RoHS and CE certificates
4. Cable satisfies VW-1 flame rating, ratings of 80ºC and 30V and UL AWM style for external use
5. High-purity copper wires; 360° shielding layer of wire cloth in the middle
6. Multi color selections

Compatible models:
iPhone 4s/iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3G/iPad (3rd generation)/iPad 2/iPad/
/iPod touch (4th generation)
/iPod touch (3rd generation)
/iPod touch (2nd generation)
/iPod touch (1st generation)
/iPod nano (6th generation)

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