Address from Chairman

     Shenzhen OPSO Technology Co., Ltd was founded by professionals with overseas education and working experiences in Shenzhen Overseas Students Venture Park in 2011. In the joint efforts of all sectors of society's support and staff, it is growing rapidly as an innovative company dedicated to peripheral electronic products and applications of smart phones, which integrates R&D, manufacture and sales after three years of entrepreneurship and development.

     Shenzhen OPSO Technology Co., Ltd owns brand "OPSO" derived from the concept of "Optimal Solutions", intends to provide the best solutions for the mobile interconnected life. This is our aim of establishing "OPSO", and also the brand value we are pursuing in development. In the early days, we focused on the development of power peripheral products of smart devices, giving the "OPSO" a new meaning "Optimal Power Solutions".

     Because of deep understanding of Apple brand and unique planning of MFi products, OPSO is authorized as MFi Licensee by Apple Inc. Following the product standard of MFi, we are actively dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and sales of peripheral electronic products of smart phones and its applications, to realize ”OPSO” and make mobile interconnected life more convenient and safer.

     We always adhere to cooperate closely with domestic high-tech organizations, well-known global research institutions, and leading enterprises in the same fields. In the process of future development, OPSO will adhere to "innovate, collaborate and cooperate” business purpose and maintain continuous, healthy, and fast development by further standardizing management, constructing elite management team, fostering advanced culture, and creating high-quality brands, and share the achievement and happiness of growth with customers and employees.

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